Step One: Babe, I NEED a Pool!

I’ve started this blog for several purposes. One- to let people know of their options when it comes to building a pool. Two- to offer solutions to those who already own their own pool and are having issues. Three- to document my own pool project step by step through convincing the husband I need a pool,  picking out the best type of pool for us, the design of the pool, building the pool, and keeping the pool going and looking great.  I think it’s important to know all of your options.

My husband Tommy Gray is the owner of A-Grade Pool Services. He has been in the business for almost 10 years now! I trust this man! Not only as my husband, but I trust him as a pool builder.  I have been begging him to build our pool for YEARS now. I mean a pool guy without a pool that’s just weird.  Now I know he’s been very busy building other people’s pools and remodeling commercial and residential pools, but what about us!  We have young children, it’s hot in Tennessee, every summer I find myself looking for someone who has a pool so I can invade their space and go swimming!  Now that you see where I am coming from, I’ve been promised a pool and I have every intention on getting my pool in 2017!

For you women who NEED a pool and NEED help convincing your husband, I have several tips that I have found most convincing for that guy in your life.

1- Swimming is beneficial, not only is it a great sport, it is the only sport that allows you to work out and work on your tan at the same time! A fit, tan wife equals one happy life!

2- Swimming is known to drain the energy out of children. Tired, drained kids mean more alone time for us!

3-The beach is so far away and so expensive, we can create our own beach in our own backyard! A beach entry pool…hey, what’s not to like about that! With the money we would have spent at the beach we could have a deposit for a nice pool.

4-There’s nothing like jumping in a pool after enduring hard yard work. It’s been proven that a wife will accomplish more yard work with a pool than without a pool. (save this one for last it’s the clincher..)

5-If I am busy swimming in a pool, working on the tan, I will be spending less time shopping! A pool can actually save YOU money! (yikes, my husband LOVED this one, I’m hoping after he builds our pool he forgets I ever mentioned it.)

6- Memories we will make~ pool parties, late night swims, all the fun times with our kids,  these are priceless! A pool is the perfect centerpiece for so many memories.


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