Step 2: Making plans

Now that you have made the decision to build a pool, next step is planning! We know that we will be building a pool house to put our equipment in and to store chemicals/ salt, floats, etc. So we decided to start the process of running our electricity to the back yard where the pool house will be. For us underground utilities will look so much nicer than having wires running across our yard. So we decided to go on and get the electrical all moved to underground. Due to codes, lines must be buried 18″ underground, we went ahead with 2 feet just to be on the safe side. Inspector has came out and inspected our ditch and we got his okay to proceed! Wires have all been ran. Once we are finished covering the ditch we will then be ready for the last inspection, and this step will be accomplished!

We started discussing the design of our pool– rectangle, figure 8, beach entry, deep end 6 or 8 feet, chemicals or salt system, diving board, slide, water features, swim out, decisions- decisions. Many people are switching their chlorine systems for salt systems. Salt systems you only have to add salt 2 to 3 times a year depending on the amount of rain you have that season. Chlorinated pools require a lot more maintenance and are generally more expensive.  The more features you have in your pool the more money you will spend; however some of these features are worth the extra money! These are things to think while you are in the process of building a pool.

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This is pretty much what our front yard looks like right now! This was a new build we did in October 2016.


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