Biggest Money Savers


Spring is almost here! Even though we have had a cold spell, okay it’s FREEZING, by next week temperatures will start rising and pool season will be back on schedule! Cold weather does put a pool company behind, plastering a pool, installing in ground and above ground pool liners, etc. can not be done when the weather is cold. The sun plays a vital role in drying plaster and helping a liner stretch into the correct position.

We get calls everyday and most customers are surprised because they had not clue about the things I’m going to share with you. Here are some of the best ways to save yourself money on your pool. If you don’t have a pool but anticipate having one one day these are great tips to put in your memory.

1-Pool Liners- NEVER completely drain any pool with a liner. This is a call we get so often. My pool is nasty so we just decided to drain it completely. When a liner is installed the air behind the walls of the pool is sucked out to make it fit tight. It is stretched into the correct position. The water in the pool keeps this air out and protects your liner. The sun is a liner’s biggest enemy that and chemicals (which is next on the list). It will cause your pool liner to dry, eventually tear. If you have to take a little water out, immediately refill the pool and do not take all the water out. Even if you have done it before- you are taking years off the life of your liner- stop while you can.

2- Chemicals- You have to make sure your chemicals are correct in your pool! Putting too much or not enough is detrimental to your pool. On a gunite in ground pool  the plaster will not last as long if your chemicals are not right on target. On a liner pool the wrong amount of chemicals can cause your liner to fade and not last as long as it would if the proper amount of chemicals were in the pool.

3- Pool Covers- Sometimes trying to save that extra money on your pool, will wind up costing you more money in the long run. We see so many people with liner pools not getting a cover for their pool. Sure we are in the business of selling covers, but the reason we sell so many covers is they will give a longer life to any pool liner or gunite pool. During the winter with the harsh weather, it protects your pool from those elements. The sun again is hard on pools. So by covering your pool through the winter months you are protecting your pool and it will SAVE you money because you will not have to replace your liner or plaster as soon as you will without this protection.

Hope this helps you all out!

A-Grade Pool Services (AGP) replaced this in-ground pool liner and put a deck overlay on their pool deck. Call us today865-643-1749 for all your pool needs- renovations, including re-plaster, tile and coping replacement, liner replacement, new construction, and deck overlays!IMG_0343


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